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IQVIA Internship

Summer 2023

Overview of Responsibilities/Experience:

Last summer, I was fortunate enough to work as the Video Production & Design Intern, as part of IQVIA's Brand & Creative Studio Team (Enterprise Marketing). Working both remotely and at the Durham, NC office, I was given the opportunity to create a plethora of content for IQVIA that will live on long after I've left. I spent my time editing video, creating short animations and GIFs in After Effects, color correcting and formatting assets, filming on set with corporate executives (EEK!), meeting in person with coworkers and other interns, and so much more.

My major capstone project included creating two looping videos for IQVIA's booth at DIA (the Global Life Sciences conference). One was displayed on a horizontal screen, promoting IQVIA's speakers and the topics of discussion for the duration of the event. The other was displayed on a vertical screen, showcasing IQIVA's Connected Intelligence

I was able to save IQVIA just shy of $32,000 working internally on projects as opposed to outsourcing to other companies. 

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