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Out of (Female) Body, Vol. 1


I’ve tried my best to prepare for what being a young adult woman would be like. Now, growing on my own in college, I’m faced with a reality I couldn’t have understood until living it. My every day is full of jarring situations that leave me feeling an overall sense of discontent and confusion, bringing about self-isolating tendencies that pit me against myself and those around me. This side of the female experience is often overshadowed by the stereotypical representations of what it means to be a woman. Being so young and impressionable, my world is taxing and scary. Melancholy and uncertainty hide themselves within my confidence to succeed. 


This series of photographs captures my life's quiet moments, especially as I exist in an artistic world primarily driven by men. Each photograph is accompanied by a song title in which I feel the contained narrative exists.

Woman in room with flash


Woman holding c-stand and blowing a kiss offscreen

Just a Girl

Woman looking out over a sunset


Women getting ready for a party in a mirror, double reflection

jealousy, jealousy

Road rage, woman leaning out of a car window

Get Over It

Blown out face, woman walking, low angle

Figure 8

Close up of a woman leaning on a table

From the Dining Table

Woman in front of a mirror, blacked out eyes

The Scientist

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