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Claire Simmons is a young filmmaker based in Sarasota, FL. She's originally from Morrisville, NC but is earning her BFA in Film at Ringling College of Art and Design, minoring in Photography. 

Claire has always had a deep love for art, beginning her journey as a self-taught artist in a variety of traditional mediums. In high school, she got the opportunity to assist in the making of a musical review film amidst Covid pandemic regulations. Through her experience as 1st assistant camera, she discovered her love for film as a career.

From there, her passion has only intensified. She specializes in color, manipulating light to create tone and feeling.


She sharpens her film skills through photography, perfecting lighting techniques and exploring how static elements enhance scene direction.

Her goal is to bring shared experiences to life onscreen, helping others tell their stories in the most authentic way.

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