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The photos below were recovered from an abandoned tent deep in the Minnesota Northwoods. Along with the photos, a notebook was found with several notations, scans of which are also included. The notebook presumably belongs to the owner of the tent, identified only as "R". No further information is known at this time.

1: "This journal is the culmination of my search for the world’s most elusive cryptids. I believe them all to be real, and I have spent the majority of my adult years researching, exploring, and documenting details that will provide me the necessary tools to capture these creatures on film.   --- R"

2: "My search [redacted] begins with the “goat sucker” or as he prefers to be called, the chupacabra. I feel he is the least dangerous of these creatures, known only for targeting cattle and livestock.


I bought a round trip ticket to Puerto Rico. Leaving in 2 days. I won’t come back until I’ve captured this creature. Maybe I’ll bring some meat? I should set up a rat trap."


4: "The nightcrawlers have stumped me more than any creature I’ve ever researched. There have only been 2 sightings in all of human history. I plan to document the third.

I took a couple weeks off after Puerto Rico but I’m leaving for Yosemite next Monday."


5: "They're as tall as the trees."


6: "My favorite cryptid since I was a child. I’ve often visited Point Pleasant during Mothman festival season. I like to think he only sticks around because he’s [redacted] so heavily. The festival is next week. I’m packing my winter clothes as I write this…"


8: "Nessie is what started my fascination for the unknown. She’s elusive and steadfast, living [redacted] in simple solitude for as long as man can record. This is the longest trip I’ll take, I’m staying in a small B&B in Inverness for about a week. I’ve spoken to some locals. They say she likes to come out @ night, I’ll see if someone will lend me their boat for [redacted] evening."


10: "I visited a [redacted] sanctuary as a child. The owners had their baby in a makeshift swing gnawing on a frog leg. They were also selling alligator skulls in the backroom. What a wonderful memory. To travel into America’s wilderness in search of probably the most recognized and accepted cryptid out there is a dream."


12: "Before I attempt to photograph the wendigo, I must reflect on the fruits of my labor thus far. In some cases I believe I’ve underestimated the danger of these creatures, or rather the weakness of my character. I have to spend more time deliberating this conquest before I continue. Knowing what I know, the wendigo is the most dangerous creature I can and will ever come into contact with. To purposefully will one my way is considered foolish in most cultures. However, I feel I owe it to myself and the world to continue this journey, creating concrete evidence to solve the mysteries of our world. I will arm myself better. I plan to get as close as I can, I need this photograph so concrete in its legitimacy that it can never be disputed for fabrication. God be with me.  --- R"


14: "He saw me."


15: "I can't find my way out. Please help."

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